• Users wouldn’t get an error after sending a bid once the Gmail authorization expired.

  • “Both” location status wouldn’t show Current or Planned locations in the loadboard for some cases.

  • Users without a team would be able to use Assign Shipment in My Bids.


  • Not all results were shown in the My Loads broker filter.

  • Removed the chat error “detail: Not found” for users with the tracker role.

  • Unit map pins in Delivery Map and Capacity Search didn’t have corresponding colors based on their vehicle type.

  • The extension is no longer mandatory if no phone number was set beforehand.

  • Ratecon ID wouldn’t get truncated in My Loads and Income.

  • Notifications for a successful copy to the clipboard wouldn’t disappear after 1 second.

  • The upload field would get over the menu on the mobile version of Altekloads.

  • Sorting in the Owners/Invoice was incorrect.

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