Altek Owners Fixes


  • PU and Delivery dates would be shown in russian for the English language option.

  • The full vehicle address wasn’t displaying on the Loadboard and Cars pages.

  • Tag Placed wouldn’t change to Canceled after the bid was canceled.

  • Refer a Friend button wouldn’t show the corresponding banner and company HR phone number.

  • Updated Privacy Policy and added the corresponding link to Settings.

  • Android: the state Pick-Up point filter didn’t work correctly.

  • Owner Loadboard notifications wouldn’t stop coming in after turning off their loadboard.

  • New load notifications weren’t showing up in the Android version of the app.


  • Fixed all dark and light theme UI inconsistencies.

  • Fixed russian language translation typos.

  • Filter with Max air miles equal to 0 would show loads that were far away (>200 mi) from the search location.

  • PU Map filter wouldn’t save its results between filter changes.

  • There was a typo in the date of the last location update and it didn’t list the number of days since the last update.

  • Internal vehicle ID is now hidden in the loadboard to reduce information load.

  • License Plate ID wasn’t shown in the Cars overview section.

  • Removed the banner from the Sign Up.

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